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Registration Forms

To complete registration for Ranch School please take a moment to fill out the form below and download the Release of Liability that needs to be signed for your child to participate in activities at the ranch.  
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Registration Form

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Participant Agreement/Terms & Conditions:

1. All participants agree to abide by ranch rules.

2. Marin Ranch School is not responsible for any lost articles of clothing or participant’s personal items.

3. I certify that my child is in good health.

4. I understand that at the discretion of the facilitators my child may be dismissed from the program, without refund, for inappropriate or unsafe behavior such as physical aggression towards people or animals, refusing to follow directions, leaving the group without permission, or any behavior that jeopardizes their safety or the safety of others.

5. I understand that this program takes place in the outdoors and includes adventurous activities in nature and interactions with horses. I understand that certain inherent risks are associated with the fun and adventure of all outdoor programs and I understand that a signed Release of Liability Waiver must be on file before my child's registration is complete.

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