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What We Do

Ranch School is an after-school program where we: 

  • do barn chores, such as mucking stalls, cleaning water troughs and tending to the horses' needs

  • spend quality time with horses, including grooming and sharing space (the primary way horses enjoy each other's company)

  • play games and partner with horses in structured exercises (equestrians often refer to this as “groundwork”)

  • learn what goes into running a working ranch which includes guest presentations from farriers, veterinarians and other equine specialists

While we are doing these activities, we are also learning and practicing essential life skills that will serve us “beyond the barnyard”, engaging in teamwork and experiencing connection as a valued member of a "herd", and feeling the benefits of hard work and contributing to a community. 


Perhaps the most important skill we will be practicing at Ranch School is connecting with the joy of learning.  Most people associate learning with formal education but learning can, and should, be a lifelong process that enhances our understanding of the world and improves our quality of life.  Through fun, engaging activities and the power of experiential learning (learning by doing) your child will increase their understanding of the world around them, the role they play in it and practice utilizing the tools they need to live a more productive and fulfilling life.


Ranch School Skills

The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything.

Self Skills

We will support each child to cultivate a positive, loving relationship with themselves.  In partnership with our wise equine teachers, we will build confidence, self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation, self-advocacy and self-compassion.


Social Skills

As part of our herd, your child will learn essential relationship skills and gain leadership experience – just as every horse has a role and responsibility within their herd, we each have a role to play in our families, teams and communities.

Together we will grow the social skills of perspective-taking, boundary setting, collaboration and communication -- verbal and nonverbal.


Life Skills

As active members of a team contributing to a working horse ranch, each child will experience a sense of pride from being part of something greater than themself.  We will harvest responsibility, frustration tolerance, patience, problem-solving, perseverance and empowerment through mastery. 

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